The Ultimate Social Media Package

Fed up with spending all your time on social media, struggling to come up with content that keeps your audience interested and helps you to grow your brand? What if I told you that your social media platforms could be totally transformed with professional, yet personable visual content that engages your audience and helps to build your brand – whilst giving you back your most precious asset – your time? Sounds too good to be true, right? I have teamed up with the fabulous Karina Methven from Magic Bean Media to provide you with the Ultimate Social Media Package.

Personal brand photography
Moments by Katie Mitchell - Business photography Cheltenham

We’ll help you to:

  • Rediscover your spare time, so that you can spend more of it doing what you really want to do
  • Build the know, like and trust factor through strategic social media content that we’ll work together to plan during our quarterly consultation sessions
  • Professionalise your brand, without losing your personal touch, with photographs and content that tells your story



Personal brand photographer Gloucester

Who is going to be able to make a middle aged woman with twins and her wellness coaching business look authentic, quirky and accessible? Katie Mitchell! I was nervous about posed photos as my boys never stay still and I hate looking fake but Katie managed to navigate around our chaos to come up with images that I am proud to use on all my marketing and sales material along with social media. She is professional, warm, knowledgeable and actually listens to what you want. I would have no hesitation in using Katie in the future to refresh my branding.


Social Media Management - Lauren

When I handed over the reins of my business Facebook page to Karina I was nervous about losing the control. But Karina immediately helped me feel at ease by learning about my business, my values and my clients. I have been absolutely delighted with the content created and delivered by Karina.  This has enabled me to maintain a social media presence while focusing energy into other projects I have going on at the moment. By working with Karina I can trust my social media is in capable hands and my business can continue to grow in a way that would not be possible without her support.


Personal brand photographer Gloucester

I was a little nervous as I don’t really like having my picture taken, but I needn’t have been. Katie was great at putting me at ease and was able to direct me without it feeling too forced. I was blown away by the pictures Katie sent through, they make me look so polished and professional and have given me the confidence to show off the maker behind the product! They have already had a great response through my social media channels and I intend to use them to their full potential on my webpage. I would totally recommend Katie if you are thinking of taking the plunge and investing in yourself and your brand.


Full social media management and seasonal refreshes of all of your visual content, with enough photographs to post on your social social media platforms every single weekday.
Full management of up to 4 social media platforms
Fully optimised content scheduling and monthly reporting
Quarterly exploratory consultations to plan your brand stories, photographs and your content going forwards
Four seasonal photoshoots to update all of your visual content across the year
60 SEO-optimised digital images per quarter
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Social media management with seasonal social profile and cover photo updates and enough professional photographs to post each and every week.
Management of up to 3 social media platforms
Quarterly planning sessions
Quarterly photoshoots to update your visual content
15 digital images per quarter
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Bolt-On Packages

If you’re doing this, then why not do it properly? We’ve teamed up with the talented Michelle Ramsay from Michelle Ramsay Design to offer you a complete package when it comes to overhauling your social media. For a single set-up fee:

  • Stop using the same Canva templates as everyone else and get bespoke social media graphics that are unique to your business – £150
  • Or rebrand completely and get all this plus a brand new logo, colour palette and fonts to suit your brand – £300

Michelle Ramsay Design Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate Social FAQs

I’ve written a blog post detailing the precautions being taken during personal branding photoshoots here. If you have any questions about something I haven’t covered, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Not at all. The content that goes out will be entirely based on the stories that you want to tell. We’ll explore these in detail during your quarterly consultations and come up with a wealth of content that fits you and your brand perfectly. Then it’s simply a case of handing the hard work of creating and distributing the content to us, leaving you time to engage with your audience in a personal and authentic way – without it feeling like a burden.

Wherever you like! Your photographs need to tell your story, and a big part of that will be where you live and/or work. With the sixty image package you can choose two different locations, providing we can still fit it all into one day.

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