Newborn Photography Sessions in Gloucester

Those first few weeks with your new baby are full of moments that will take your breath away.

But they fly by so unbelievably fast.

And then they’re gone… forever.

newborn photoshoot lets you cling on to those moments and relive them again and again.

Now isn’t the time to settle for second best.

You need someone you can trust.

Someone who takes the comfort and safety of your baby as seriously as you do.

Someone who takes the time to listen to what you want.

Someone who can create photos worthy of those priceless early memories with your new baby.

Newborn Baby Photographer Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell

The whole experience was heart-warming, relaxed and enjoyable.

From the first moment I spoke to Katie, I felt like I had known her for years – she is so warm, kind and enthusiastic. I felt our little one was in safe hands.

My favourite part was putting the images framed on my wall at home. My heart bursts with love and joy every time I see the photos – and that’s all thanks to Katie. Highly, highly recommend!!

Steph, GLoucester

First Time Parent?

Your newborn photoshoot is probably one of the first times you’ll all have been out the house together for any length of time.

So when you come to my studio in Gloucester, I’ll do my absolute best to make you feel at home and offer you the chance for some well-earned rest while I work my magic with your little one.

I’m a mum, so I get that you wouldn’t trust your baby with just anyone.

I’ve had specialist training in newborn posing and paediatric first aid and with my years of working with lots of lovely babies, I promise your baby will be in safe hands.

It’s really common to have lots of questions about what to expect, so we’ll take time to go through everything during your consultation. You’ll also get a handy guide to help you prepare for your session when you book. 

Your newborn photoshoot is best booked once you’ve had your 20 week scan.


Newborn Baby Photographer Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell Photography

Choose Your Newborn Session

Discover the different types of newborn photoshoots available to you at my Gloucester photography studio.

Newborn Baby Photographer Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell Photography

The full newborn Experience (2-4 hours)

  • A bespoke session focusing on your baby and your bond, with cute poses, adorable newborn props and beautiful family and sibling portraits.
  • Ideal if you’re after a mix of posed and wrapped photos and family and sibling photos are important to you.
  • Choose your favourites or take them all home at your Reveal and Order appointment (I mean who could leave any behind?!). Packages range between £399-799.
Newborn Baby Photography Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell

the wrapped mini newborn session (45 mins)

  • A shorter session with a simple aim: capture some cute photos where all the focus is on your little one, wrapped up and looking adorable. 
  • Ideal for families looking for a few mementos of their new baby, without the price tag of a bespoke session. They’re also great if your baby is a little older, as we can do these up to 8 weeks old.
  • All-inclusive pricing of just £199 with three digital images included.
Award-winning newborn photographer

The full newborn experience

With 2-4 hours in the studio, we’ve got loads of time to get your baby settled and curled up into those cute little poses. All sessions are baby led, so if we need to stop for feeds or cuddles, then that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Your newborn photoshoot will be custom styled to you. Before your session, we’ll get together to plan the perfect colours and styles for your baby’s photographs.

On the day we’ll get loads of photos with baby in cute poses, wrapped up snuggly warm in our adorable props and simple portraits with parents and big brothers and sisters too.

Around two weeks after your appointment, you’ll be invited back to the studio for your photo reveal and ordering appointment, where you’ll get to see your beautiful gallery of photographs for the first time.

Only then will you choose the packages and products that suit your family and home best.  Prices range between £399 and £799.

Full Newborn Baby Photoshoot Pricing

WHAT your session includes

  •  A 2-4 hour photoshoot so baby has plenty of time for feeds and cuddles
  • Pre-session consultation (Because choosing the right photographer to work with your little one means choosing someone you can trust!)
  • Welcome guide to help you prepare for your (stress-free) session
  • A range of props and outfits to create the perfect theme for your baby’s photoshoot
  • Professional editing of your photographs
  • A personalised photo Reveal and Ordering appointment, so you won’t need to choose a package until you have seen your final gallery
  • A same day sneak peek of one of your photos on social media (optional)

Wrapped Mini Newborn Sessions

If the full session feels a bit OTT and over-budget for what you’re after, my wrapped newborn minis may be the perfect option for you.

Newborn Baby Photography Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell

Mini sessions are designed for parents who want to capture some precious photo of their baby, but aren’t fussed about all the different poses or getting involved in the photos themselves!

Before your session, we’ll choose the colour scheme we’ll be using throughout your photos – whether that’s your favourite colour or a perfect match for baby’s nursery.

Babies love to be swaddled, so wrapping them up means a happy and contented baby while we capture five gorgeous photos in our adorable studio props.

After your session, three gorgeous digital photos will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Mini sessions cost £199 and are payable up front.

[Katie] was absolutely amazing with our little one. She had everything in place to keep him warm and happy throughout the shoot so she could get the best pictures whilst keeping him safe and happy.

We are over the moon with the priceless pictures she has taken of our newborn.

Jenny and Dominic, Cheltenham

Newborn Photoshoot FAQs

If you would like to understand more about the process, or have any concerns, please see my frequently asked questions about newborn photography below.

Before your photoshoot

Can I pay for my session in instalments?

Yes! You are more than welcome to pay for your preferred photography package in monthly instalments in the run up to your session. Please let me know if you’d like to take advantage of this when booking your session.


I have to be really careful not to pass on any nasty germs to the small babies that enter my studio so, please get in touch to reschedule. You won’t be charged and it’s much better to be safe rather than sorry.


Newborn photography sessions best take place between the ages of five and 28 days. Some photographers might only accept babies in the first few weeks and others might allow a bit later, but generally, the best time to photograph a newborn is in those first few weeks of their life. Because that puts us on quite a tight timescale, I would highly recommend booking your session well in advance to avoid disappointment. In fact, as soon as you’ve had your 20 week scan, I would recommend getting in touch to put a date in the diary.

Of course we have no idea when your new arrival is going to, well, arrive, so we’ll aim for about 5-7 days after your due date. Then if we need to move things around, it’s no problem.

Mini sessions are easier to fit in and can be done with babies. up to 8 weeks old, so you don’t need to book so far in advance.

Do I have to buy from one of your packages?

During your Reveal and Order appointment (full sessions only), you are welcome to order from my packages, or choose something more bestpoke. There is a minimum spend equivalent to the silver package.


Yes! Although there are lots of photographers who choose to use natural light for newborn photography, I prefer the control that studio lighting gives me to really create the style of image that I love and am known for.

You needn’t worry though, the very short duration and unfocused nature of the flashes make flash photography perfectly safe for your newborn baby’s eyes.


There is no extra charge for twins/multiples.

Mini sessions are not suitable for multiple babies.


A full newborn photoshoot typically lasts between 2-4 hours, but can sometimes take longer. Babies are all different – some might comfortably sleep through their entire session whereas others might be in a phase of cluster feeding which makes it difficult to get a good sleep period for me to work my magic. It just all depends on the baby and how they’re feeling on the day. The pace is set entirely by them. And if that means I need more than four hours to get you a beautiful gallery full of photographs, then that’s absolutely fine. Please don’t plan anything else for the rest of the day – then we can all relax and enjoy the experience without any outside pressures.

Mini sessions are up to 45 minutes.


Prices for newborn photoshoots vary wildly. And whilst I understand that cost is likely to be a factor in choosing your photographer, I would highly recommend that you do not base your decision solely on price.

  • Safety is paramount. You’d be shocked by how many people buy a ‘proper’ camera and call themselves a professional newborn photographer, without ever having completed any training on how to safely handle and pose a newborn. Newborn photography training costs hundreds of pounds; make sure your photographer has invested in theirs.
  • Your baby will never be this small again. If capturing this precious time is important to you, don’t scrimp on your photographs. Because if you make the wrong choice and find you don’t like them, you may never get the opportunity to retake them. Choose a photographer who has a great, consistent style that you LOVE.
  • There’s a lot to be said for gut instinct. Meet or at least talk to your photographer before booking and make sure you get a good feeling from them. After all, you’ll be handing over your most precious creation!
Baby Photography Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell

On the day

Where is your studio?

My studio is located at my home in Longlevens, moments off the A40 and M5 motorway, making it ideally situated for clients in Gloucester, Cheltenham and further afield.

Can I have my hair and make-up done?

Yes absolutely! I work with a fabulous hair and make-up artist who specialises in beautiful, natural make-up. Simply let me know you’d like to book when you get in touch.

After your photoshoot

When will my photographs be ready?

After your photoshoot, your photographs will be edited to my highest standards before being presented to you. This process typically takes two weeks, however may take a little longer during busy periods. As soon as your photographs are ready, you’ll be invited back for your personal Reveal and Order session, where you’ll be able to view your photographs and choose the packages and products that you would like to purchase.

Photos from mini sessions will be delivered to you via email within two working days.

What happens after my photoshoot? (FULL NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT)

As your photoshoot draws to a close, we’ll arrange a convenient date and time for you to return to the studio for your Reveal and Order session. I don’t like to keep clients waiting too long, so I normally aim to get you back within a couple of weeks of your photo session.

If you can’t wait that long, you’ll be offered the opportunity of a sneak peek of one of your photographs on Facebook the evening of your photoshoot. Please note that I need your consent to use your images in this manner, so if you have not already opted into this within your contract, you may be asked to complete a model release form.

At your Reveal and Order appointment, you’ll be shown a beautiful slideshow of all of your photographs. You’ll be reminded of the packages available and shown the art of the possible when it comes to wall art. And then it’s up to you to choose how you’d like to proceed. There’s never any pressure and, of course, if you don’t fall in love with your photographs, I will happily refund your session fee. Thankfully I can report that 100% of my clients have loved their photographs!

Orders are to be made at the Reveal and Order session so please make sure all decision makers can attend. I accept cash or debit card and can also offer payment plans if necessary.

What happens after my photoshoot? (MINI NEWBORN SESSIONS)

You will receive your digital images via email within two working days of your session. If you want to discuss adding any extras to your order, such as wall art, please let me know!

Do I have to decide on my final order at the Reveal appointment? (FULL SESSIONS ONLY)

Ideally, yes. The purpose of the Reveal session is for you to sit back and enjoy your photographs and decide which collection is right for you. Additional Reveal appointments may be requested, however a booking fee will apply.

What is the charity donation?

I am passionate about helping families across Gloucestershire to celebrate family life but I know that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford a luxury such as professional photography to help them do this. From an early stage in my business, I decided that I would do my bit to support those who can’t, so I chose to donate a portion of all standard packages (mini sessions not included) sold to three charities in Gloucestershire that resonated with my values, Gloucestershire Bundles, The Family Haven and Footsteps Counselling and Care.

Will you use my images?
I’d love to! But I will never show your photographs to anyone without your consent. When you sign your portrait photography contract, you’ll be asked permission to use photographs from your session for marketing purposes. I know that some people feel uneasy about this until they’ve seen their images and that’s fine. You’re welcome to make up your mind at your view and order session and, if you’re happy for me to share your beautiful images with the world, I’ll simply fill ask you to fill in a model release consent form. And of course, if you’d prefer they stayed private, then that’s absolutely fine as well.

I wrote a blog post which goes into a little more detail about this here.

Newborn Baby Photography Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell

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