Enjoy your photographs every day with beautiful and unique pieces of wall art that suit your home perfectly.

Whether your home is modern or traditional, minimalist or well-lived-in, I have the perfect wall art for you. From traditional frames and canvases, contemporary acrylic orbs and collections, to completely unique pieces that you’ve never seen before. And with my specialist studio software, you can see exactly how your photographs will look in your home so you can leave with complete confidence that you’ve made the right choice.

Framed Prints for the Wall

Prices from £215

Whether you prefer simple frames for your photographs or something with more of a wow-factor, I have a piece of wall art perfect for you! Choose from individual framed prints or a multi-aperture frame to display a selection of your photographs at once.

Framed Photographs - Moments by Katie Mitchell Photography
Multi-Aperture Framed Photographs - Moments by Katie Mitchell
Fine Art Photo Frame - Moments by Katie Mitchell Photography

Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic wall art, with its high-gloss finish, is the perfect addition to the modern home.

Prices from £325

Moments by Katie Mitchell - Wall Art Displays
Acrylic Wall Art


Prices from £215

For a more traditional feel to your images, canvases are a beautiful way to show off your photographs.

Framed Canvas Wall Art
Framed Canvas Wall Art
Framed Canvas Wall Art

Wooden Wall Art

These wooden wall art pieces offer something completely different to the norm and work in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Birch Ladder - Gloucester Photographer - Moments by Katie Mitchell

Birch Ladder

The most unique piece of wall art we have on offer, the beautiful birch ladder provides a real wow factor for your photographs.


Birch Orb

The birch orb is a statement piece perfect for traditional homes.

From £239

Maternity Photography Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell
Mosaic Wall Art

The Mosaic

Another unique piece, the Mosaic is ideal for showing off your outdoor family photographs. 


Wall Art Collections

Ideal for modern or traditional homes, collections offer a high impact way of bringing your home to life. Choose from a variety of layouts or design your own.

Moments by Katie Mitchell - Wall Art Displays
Bubble wall

For the viewing session she has a special software package which digitally shows you what the various wall art pictures would look like in your own home (you upload pics of your blank walls with a sheet of A4 on for scale) then you can see exactly what the pictures would look like to scale and with all the various frame options so you can truly decide what would look best in your home! We would have never thought to choose one of our pieces without it!

Dominic and Jenny

Gift Vouchers

Treat friends and family to the gift of memories. Gift vouchers are boxed and wrapped, ready to gift.