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Is your phone rapidly filling up with photographs that you’ve been meaning to get printed and put up in your home? Has it become yet another job on the to-do list that just keeps getting pushed further and further down the priority list?

Yep, I know, I’ve been there too. But now I’ve got the perfect solution: let me do all the hard work for you! Book your home design appointment today and together we can create the perfect feature wall art for your family’s memories. Choose from my range of show-stopping, ready-to-hang wall art pieces – or simply go away and get creating for yourself. There’s no need for hard sells with these appointments, you’ll be able to see for yourself what will look great in your home!

Home design appointments cost just £29 and include:

A 1 hour fully interactive experience (in-person or online) where you’ll get to see exactly how your photographs look on your walls

Specialist advice on blowing up your photographs, framing and creating the perfect photo collages

Access to a wide variety of professional quality frames and wall art that you won’t find on the high street. Find out more about the wall art on offer here. Prices start at £150.

Acrylic Octagon

Wow, how much fun. Just had a wall art consultation with Katie. So cool to be able to see exactly what the pictures will look like in situ — I’m rubbish at visualising things so it was perfect. So easy too.


Home Design FAQs

If you would like to understand more about the process, see my frequently asked questions about my home design service below.

Can you edit our photographs?

If you go on to make a purchase through me, then I will always ensure your photographs are optimised for the highest possible printing quality. On request, I will happily make minor edits to your photographs such as removing blemishes or stray hairs, providing the photographs are your own, or you have the permission of the original photographer.

Do I have to make a purchase at the appointment?
No. If you’d like to use the appointment purely for design purposes, then you’re absolutely welcome to, however if you truly want to get this job ticked off your to-do list, then I highly recommend making an order because your wall art comes all ready to hang – so all you have to do is put the nail in the wall!
How on earth does this work?
Great question! I’ve got some incredibly powerful software that means I can help you to visualise exactly how your photographs will look in your home – in a variety of different wall art formats that will bring something truly unique to your home. There are some specific steps I need you to take prior to your appointment to get the right photographs over to me, but you’ll receive full instructions on what you need to do beforehand.

Prior to your appointment, I’ll take a look over your photographs to assess their quality and determine any printing limitations we might have. Then I’ll plug your photographs into my design software and it’ll just be a case of sitting down with you, either in the studio or over Zoom, and getting creative!

What are the terms and conditions?

Standard terms and conditions can be found here.

Brand Photographer Gloucester - Moments by Katie Mitchell

For the viewing session she has a special software package which digitally shows you what the various wall art pictures would look like in your own home (you upload pics of your blank walls with a sheet of A4 on for scale) then you can see exactly what the pictures would look like to scale and with all the various frame options so you can truly decide what would look best in your home! We would have never thought to choose one of our pieces without it!

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